just the facts families in the wild - zebras

Just the Facts: Families in the Wild - Zebras

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Just the Facts: Families in the Wild-Zebras

All zebras look alike. Or do they? No two zebras are identical, and other zebras know this. They recognize each other by their stripe patterns. You may not be able to do this, but you can learn about the Grant zebras living in Tanzania. Family is very important to these zebras. They stick together as they travel far and wide to find food.

Journey with Families in the Wild: Zebras as these beautiful animals migrate from Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania over the Serengeti plains to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. Along the way, the zebras encounter joy as foals are born and fear as lions and crocodiles threaten to attack. As you travel with Root in Families in the Wild: Zebras, you ll root for the young female zebra as she crosses the Mara River and is ambushed by a hungry crocodile. Marvel at the father zebra s dedication to his family. And smile as you watch the newborn foal try his wobbly legs for the first time. As you do, you ll learn all about Grant zebras...one stripe at a time.