just the facts families in the wild - lions

Just the Facts: Families in the Wild - Lions

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Just the Facts: Families in the Wild-Lions

Lion cubs are so cute. They are little puffballs of fur when they are born and are blind and unable to walk. Soon they can see and act a lot like our kittens, playing with each other and nursing from their mother. As they get older, they grow from cuddly kittens into graceful, powerful animals.

In the Families In the Wild: Lions, follow Tattoo and Kali, two lionesses who separately raise their cubs away from the pride. Tattoo and Kali live in a national park in Kenya called the Masai Mara Reserve. It s hard for them to raise their cubs alone in this vast land, but Kali and Tattoo are talented hunters. Travel with each lioness as she journeys with her cubs to find food and stay away from danger.

Families In the Wild: Lions lets you watch from a distance (the same way the cubs do) as Kali kills a wildebeest for her cubs to devour. See how the cubs thank her for this delicious feast! Watching Kali, Tattoo and their cubs is an interesting way to learn about how lions grow up and survive in the wild. After watching Families In the Wild: Lions you ll know why your little kitten likes to pounce so much!