compassionate communication hypnosis cd

Compassionate Communication Hypnosis CD

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Compassionate Communication

Overcome Defensive Behavior and Master the Art of Active Listening

Do you ever find yourself getting defensive when a loved one shares their feelings with you about something? Or perhaps you take a more passive approach and shut down and keep your thoughts to yourself? Maybe it’s not a loved one, maybe it’s a co-worker or even a friend.

Would you like to bring more compassion into your life and enhance the well-being of others through communicating more effectively? In order to have more meaningful relationships, it requires an ability to communicate in a special way, called “active listening”

Here’s what happens: An event happens. You have a thought about that event, through your own filters. The thought you have about that event, triggers your emotion. Your emotion triggers your reaction. Thus, your reaction comes from your emotion, which comes from your thought. You have the ability to choose your thoughts and therefore you have the ability to choose to have an effective response.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to master communicating such that you always feel in total control of how you respond? Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to communicate in a way that is calm, peaceful, loving, and leads to mutual understanding?

What if I were to give you tool that gives you unlimited power to naturally and easily slow down the communication so that you have time to think of a response that puts you in control and leads to a positive outcome? By slowing down, and choosing effective responses such as understanding, acknowledging, and empathizing, you create harmony in your relationships.