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Explorers of the World DVD Series Portuguese Explorers

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Portugal, despite its small size, became a pioneer in the exploration of international sea routes through the vision of its leaders, the support of its merchants and the courage and perseverance of its explorers. Follow along with our two young hosts as they are given a chance to meet and speak with Prince Henry the Navigator, who, though he never left Portugal, inspired the first European exploration of the African coast. Discover how his leadership encouraged explorers like Gil Eanes to travel and map areas where no European had been before. Listen to Bartolomeu Dias describe his exploration around the southern tip of Africa, and hear Vasco da Gama speak about his voyages to India. Learn about the seafaring voyages of brave Portuguese explorers in this exciting video dramatization. Part of the multivolume Explorers of the World DVD Series. A Teacher's Guide is included and is available online.


  • Copyright: 2000
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Closed-Captioned
  • Color, Live Action
  • MARC records, Catalog Card Kit and Single Main Entry Cards are available
  • Features: Chapter Select, Discussion Questions & Activities
  • Technical: Single Layer, Single Sided, Full Screen
  • DVD Region: ALL

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Portuguese Explorers
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