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    ferdinand magellan

    Explorers of the World DVD Series Ferdinand Magellan

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    Ferdinand Magellan sailed West in search of a passage to the trading lands of the East and became the first person to lead an expedition to circumnavigate the globe. Join our young hosts as they listen to Magellan describe his discovery of a new passage at the southern tip of South America and his experience crossing Earth's largest ocean. Learn about his discovery of a new chain of islands, the Philippines, and how he proved that the Indies could be reached by sailing West. Find out why Magellan renounced his Portuguese citizenship and set sail as a Spanish subject. Discover the way in which his crews conspired to mutiny on several occasions, and learn how Magellan met his untimely death in the battle in the Philippines. Plus, find out how we discovered the true story of Magellan's great voyage, even though most of his journals were destroyed. Part of the multivolume Explorers of the World DVD Series. A Teacher's Guide is included and is available online.



    • Copyright: 2000
    • Language: English, Spanish
    • Closed-Captioned
    • Color, Live Action
    • MARC records, Catalog Card Kit and Single Main Entry Cards are available
    • Features: Chapter Select, Discussion Questions & Activities
    • Technical: Single Layer, Single Sided, Full Screen
    • DVD Region: ALL

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    Ferdinand Magellan
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