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    clear skin hypnosis cds

    Clear Skin Hypnosis CDs

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    • Description

    The skin improvement program includes the following sessions, dealing primarily with the skin on the most sensitive part of our body; our face. However, you can apply these techniques to work on any other part of your body where you have problems.

    • Session one: "Improve Skin Condition" - A process of helping you in improving your skin condition through renewing your mind. We will program in new thoughts and ideas that will create the ideal functioning of your skin cells and heal any damage or disease completely and perfectly.

    • Session two: "Facial Cleansing Habits" - Helps you to succeed at properly cleansing your face every day, by building within you a desire and motivation to do so.

    • Session three: "Skin Rash Relief" - Instant relief from irritations and tenderness caused by skin rash. Your skin will become stronger, healthier, and more comfortable.

    • Session four: "Face Lift" - Overcome the affects of aging. Lose the wrinkles and even scars or blemishes. Go back in time to capture the youthfulness of your skin and take 10 - 20 years off your face.

    • Session five: "Breakout Arrest" - Healing pimples. Create flawless and healthy skin. Cause your bodily processes to function perfectly and cleanse the water matter from your body that causes pimples.

    • Session six: "Itching Relief" - Get rid of all discomfort and the aggravation caused by itching ... Calm your skin and alleviate itching and all symptoms causing the itch from within.

    • Session seven: "Eliminating Warts" - You can eliminate warts from your body so that they never return again ... Let your powerful mind direct healing energy to easily fade away and ultimately eliminate unsightly warts from your skin.
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