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Inventors of the World DVD Series Alexander Graham Bell

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(1847-1922) Alexander Graham Bell gives students a close-up look at this fascinating man who grew up with a keen understanding of sound, speech and the unique challenges faced by those with hearing problems. This entertaining and insightful video covers Bell’s early life, through his work on improving the telegraph to his development of the first phone, and then highlights his efforts at getting people to accept his revolutionary invention. Viewers will also learn about Bell’s inventive accomplishments after the telephone. Through the use of dramatic re-creations, archival films, photographs and actual drawings and materials, students will experience the fascinating life and work of Alexander Graham Bell. Part of the Inventors of the World DVD Series. Includes a Teacher's Guide.


"No school or public library should be without this entire series which combines the best of education and entertainment in a technically flawless presentation…It should be at the top of every librarian’s purchase list."- School Library Journal

"...recommended..."- Booklist

"…a welcome and invaluable addition to school and community library collections, as well as ideal supplement for home schooling curriculums."- Midwest Book Review (Aug 2006)


  • Copyright: 2001
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