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    marco polo

    Explorers of the World DVD Series Marco Polo

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    Discover the story of Marco Polo, the most famous European to travel to Asia in the 13th century. His book, The Travels of Marco Polo, helped to inspire countless other European explorers, including Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama. Follow along with our two young hosts as they are given a chance to meet and speak with this famous explorer as he describes the fascinating tales of his adventures to the East. Polo details his relationship with Kublai Khan, the great Mongol ruler who allowed him to travel throughout China to collect information about the land and its people. Viewers will hear about how the account of Polo's travels was written -- exaggerations and all -- in a jail cell in Genoa, Italy. Students will enjoy hearing Marco Polo speak and answer questions about all this and more in this exciting video dramatization. Part of the multivolume Explorers of the World DVD Series. A Teacher's Guide is included and is available online.




    • Copyright: 2000
    • Language: English, Spanish
    • Closed-Captioned
    • Color, Live Action
    • MARC records, Catalog Card Kit and Single Main Entry Cards are available
    • Features: Chapter Select, Discussion Questions & Activities
    • Technical: Single Layer, Single Sided, Full Screen
    • DVD Region: ALL

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    Marco Polo
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