circles of energy-chakra balance hypnosis cds

Circles of Energy-Chakra Balance Hypnosis CDs

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The Chakra system consists of 7 subtle energy systems which correspond to various components of the body. Each system beginning with the root chakra; the 1st chakra, through the crown chakra; which is the 7th chakra, corresponds to it's own color; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and finally Violet. Each Chakra has a physical location in the body, and a glandular connection. And it also corresponds to an emotional experience as well as a life issue that you may be dealing with.

There are eight hypnosis sessions in all. As you work with each session, you will be correcting and balancing the corresponding organ, gland, emotion, and issue that is connected through that chakra. Work with all seven at first and then the eighth session ties them all together so you can balance them all at the same time. Prior to each session is a short 3-5 minute introduction to explain a little bit about some of the key facts pertaining to that chakra and how it relates to you on all levels; the systems in the body it deals with, the emotional experience that ties in that chakra and even the thought patterns which relate to it. Then each meditation will be approximately 20 - 25 minutes.