change eye color hypnosis cd

Change Eye Color Hypnosis CD

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Tap into the magic within to change your eyes' color!

Two Full-Length Sessions to Change Your Eye Color:

  • Magical Changing Eye Color
  • Eye Color Change Dream
Magical Changing Eye Color:  Use the power of hypnosis to help change your eye color. Your mind is capable of controlling many more aspects of your body than you may realize. This session will help you to tap into a power your mind has that you may have never known about. Your mind is powerful and able to not only alter your mental state of being, but the physical as well. Through this session you will visualize, and ultimately, learn to change your eyes' color. The potential is there, you just need to find it!

Eye Color Change Dream: In this session, you will be lead through a dream that will assist in the eye color change. The dream takes you to visit a very skilled doctor, who during an appointment with you, changes your eye color. This visualization will aid in unlocking the subconscious parts of the mind you had never known existed. So let yourself go, and prepare to take a journey deep into your mind's vault of untapped power.

Utilize the untapped energy of your mind to make changes in your life, whether it be mental well-being, or physical appearance.  "Accept, believe and expect new possibilities!"