U.S. History : History and Functions of Presidency -

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The “History and Function” series exams how politics and honor have co-existed to strengthen our government. Over time and across years, changes in the spirit and practice of government offices have moved from development and cohesion to enlightenment and understanding. The preservation of balances has long been pursued in the course of evolving offices.

This DVD takes an in-depth look into the world's most powerful office. It also explores the different roles of the presidency, which include Head of State, Chief Diplomat, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and Chief Citizen. These roles have been shaped by our nation’s great leaders. Different presidents chose to ignore the will of Congress during wartime, President Lincoln in the Civil War, President Wilson during World War I, and President Nixon in the Vietnam War. We also explore the past presidents who have guided and shaped our nation in peacetime. Beginning with George Washington, you will learn about these men and all aspects of the executive branch of government.