buzzed hypnosis cd

Buzzed Hypnosis CD

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Use the Power of your Mind to get Buzzed Naturally

You may find yourself on occasion at a party or in a social situation with friends, where you wish to remain sober, yet still feel a buzz.  So, you can choose to drink water instead it will cause you to feel that euphoric, buzzed sensation.

If you were ever in a situation where you find yourself wanting to remain sober, you can still enjoy the buzz, just by drinking water, soda, fruit juice, tea, an energy drink, or something else.  

Your mind is so creative that it knows exactly how to alter your consciousness in order to mimic the effect of a buzz.

You will find yourself completely satisfied with your ability to create euphoria using only the power of your mind and nothing else.

You’ll enjoy having the power.  You’ll enjoying having the confidence and the ability to feel however you want to feel … and more and more you will realize how natural and easy it truly is for you to create unlimited resourceful states for yourself to meet the demands of the moment you are in.