thirteen days in october

Thirteen days in October

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The World Watched in Terror

The U.S and Soviet Union were poised to unleash their nuclear weapons. It was the greatest crisis of the Cold War and one mistake could destroy mankind. Time was running out and only now do we understand just how close the world came to annihilation. This exciting two-tape production puts you in the Oval Office with President Kennedy and his key advisors as they struggled to maintain peace. For the first time, ex-CIA agent, Erich Neumeth, who served as Kennedy’s interpreter, shares his extraordinary insight about what really happened during this fateful crisis. You will experience the dramatic actual events now characterized in the new hit movie.

Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis

Personal interviews and historical footage tell the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. From the first spy plane photos to the ultimate nuclear standoff, you will understand the most frightening episode in modern history as never before.
A Spy talking inside the Oval Office We explore ex-CIA agent, Erich Neumeth’s incredible experiences as an accomplished espionage agent over an almost fifty-year career. From the British Secret Service to the White House, Neumeth shares his insight. Fifty years is a long time to keep a secret, but Erich Neumeth has done just that. Secrets about the final night of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the secret phone call from Kruschev.

The events covered by these videos are astonishing and even more frightening because they are true. Our lives are hung in the balance of the actions of these men.