the war of the worlds - the real story

The War of the Worlds - The Real Story

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Mars attacks in H.G. Wells legendary The War of the Worlds! Learn the story behind the story with insightful interviews and rare footage as you relive the fear and terror of the Martian invasion. Journey to the mysterious Red Planet and prepare for
sleepless nights with this two-disc set!

Disc One: “100 Years of Terror”
Personal interviews and historical footage bring this epic science fiction story to life. From the classic H.G. Wells novel and the
world's most notorious radio broadcast to numerous movies, learn why this tale continues to grip our imaginations.

Disc Two: “Mars: 100 Years of Discovery”
Join Mission Control and voyage into space to learn about the history of the Red Planet, from the ancient Greeks to today's amazing Rover landings. Prominent scientists discuss past explorations and what mysteries the future might hold. Is there life on Mars?