just the facts the scientific revolution (2 pack)

Just the Facts: The Scientific Revolution (2 Pack)

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Scholars from the University of California, Los Angeles, and California Lutheran University share their insights. Europe experienced one of the most remarkable periods in history roughly between 1550 and 1700, when three of history's most important events were occurring simultaneously: the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution. The three closely connected movements had a profound impact on Western society, and the Scientific Revolution led eventually to the Industrial Revolution. Worldwide exploration, which preceded the Scientific Revolution by half a century, also contributed to the insatiable desire to know more about our world and the universe.

Part One of The Scientific Revolution explores how the movement grew out of the church-dominated period of The Middle Ages and how various complex forces gave rise to new scientific discovery. This enlightening video follows a chronological journey through the Scientific Revolution, examining the contributions of the various pioneers of the period. During this amazing period of history, advances were made in every area of science, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine, botany, chemistry, and the methodology of research and documentation of scientific evidence.

Part Two of The Scientific Revolution explores the latter half of this movement and the gradual acceptance of scientific truth. During the latter part of the Scientific Revolution, the church lost its grip on society, and the new science flourished. The video introduces the pioneers of science who gave the world a better understanding of nature, the universe, and the human body.