History of the U.S. AP Exam Prep

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AP* U.S. History wins the top prize as the most popular exam of all AP* subjects in 2009 over 360,000 students took the test with over half receiving a passing score of a 3 or higher. This video tutorial provides a speedy and thorough of pivotal events in U.S. History. The program covers the diverse motives of colonists through Vietnam, with emphasis on the period from 1790 to 1914.

Light Speed Advanced Placement videos reviews the 30 most tested topics, provides tips and strategies on passing the test, and gives insightful advance on writing the short-response answers. This is the first program of its kind, so go paperless and use this test-prep video to pass the exam!


"the program is a big help for students studying for the AP exams...a good quickie look at the major topics taught during the year and I think can help kids organize their thoughts for the all-important essays on the exam".
- Brian Nadel, Scholastic Tech Tools Review, April 2010..