body talk hypnosis cd

Body Talk Hypnosis CD

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Four Powerful Techniques to Help you Lose Weight 

A unique meditation CD that is divided into 4 approximately 15-minute sections. Each section can be played on it's own or combined with another section.

The way to get the most benefit from this program is to listen to the first two parts; relaxation and visualization either at night or first thing in the morning. The relaxation will guide you into the most tranquil state of relaxation you've ever known. The visualization technique will help you to send the correct image of your body to your subconscious mind.

The next two parts are affirmations and subliminal can be played right after the first two parts, or while doing any other activities, such as driving, working, sleeping, or even getting a massage. Affirmations and subliminal messages are useful to help you reinforce a positive attitude so you will maintain a healthy exercise and eating routine