just the facts colonization of north america (4 pack)

Just the Facts: Colonization of North America (4 Pack)

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Just the Facts: The Colonization of North America

The First Settlement
Explores the settlement of St. Augustine, Florida, Ponce de Leon's quest for riches, and the dominance of Spain over France & England in the colonization of Florida.

The English Settlement
Examines the establishment of Roanoke in 1585; the successful settlement of Jamestown, Virginia; the roles of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and Chief Powhatan; the settlement of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620; Plymouth Rock and the first Thanksgiving.

The Spanish Settlements
Chronicles the exploits of Cortes, De Soto, and Coronado; Spanish incursions into South &  Central America, Mexico and the American Southwest.

The French Settlements
Discusses the French trading networks, their alliances with Native Americans, and their conflicts with settlers.