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Just the Facts: Prehistoric Man: Human Evolution

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Just the Facts: Prehistoric Man: Human Evolution

Beginning in the late nineteenth century and throughout the twentieth century, geologists, archaeologists and paleoanthropologists have given the world evidence of the physical and cultural development of humans. Amazing discoveries continue into the twenty-first century, broadening our knowledge of our earliest ancestors and pushing the date of the first appearance of humans to millions of years before recorded history. In Part 1 of "Prehistoric Man," viewers come face to face with fascinating ancient creatures who looked something like apes but walked upright. We learn how they lived in their foraging societies; what their life may have been like; how they fashioned tools out of stone, wood and bone; and how scientists determine the age of the fossils that give us windows to their world. Moreover, we examine patterns that developed, which give us insight into human adaptation and evolution.

These creatures lived millions of years ago, appearing during the Pliocene Epoch. Scientists theorize that a major extinction event, which happened much earlier and wiped out much of life on earth, made it possible for modern humans to evolve. Experts from major universities share their knowledge in this remarkable video that enables us to travel back in time to meet the oldest ancestors of humans.