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    just the facts the legislative branch of government

    Just the Facts: The Legislative Branch of Government

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    Just the Facts: The Legislative Branch of Government

    The Constitution of the United States established three distinct branches of Government - the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, formed this division of government to establish the principle of separation of powers. This creates an internal system of checks and balances designed to protect citizens from capricious or tyrannical actions of government.

    The Senate and House of Representatives, the upper and lower houses of The Legislative Branch are explored in this outstanding production that delves into the theoretical intention of the Constitution’s Framers, as well as the practical realities of day-to-day congressional operations. Discover important insight about the inner workings of the combined houses, Congress, including how laws are made, the role and power of committees, the influence of special interest groups and lobbyists, and the checks and balances that exist between the two houses and political parties. Noted educators and elected officials share their insight o this very important facet of American political science.

    The Just The Facts™ Learning Series explores United States history in a fast-paced style that makes learning fun!

    Special Features:

    • Interactive full motion Menus
    • Scene Index
    • A Teacher’s User guide
    • The Speakers of the United States House of Representives
    • Multiple- Choice Quiz
    • Printable Documents
    • Trailers
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