Ancient Civilizations (4CDs, Topics)

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A dynamic, interactive exploration of historical sites & cultures: Ancient Egypt, Machu Picchu, Pompeii & more.Includes The Romans: a bonus foldout map from National Geographic!

Traverse the path of history through the sands of time when TOPICS Presents Ancient Civilizations on CD-ROM This engrossing 4-disc collection takes the user on a global journey across the vanished culture that pique our interest and inspire Western awe even today. Immerse yourself in Egyptian culture from prehistory to the present with Egypt: Voyage to the Land of the Pharaohs. Cruise the chronology of the storied cities of Pompeii, Crete ,Teothuican, and Petra with Academy Award winner Rod Mckuen when you begin Exploring Ancient Cities. And while discovering Ancient Egypt, you'll be enthralled to discover the huge artistic and scientific debts we owe to a civilization that vanished two millennia ago. Finally, Ancient Civilization by Tom Till presents almost two dozen captivating images from the portfolio of this award-winning photographer, The wonders and accomplishments of the globe's diverse historical cultures reverberate for today's computer-user when TOPICS Presents Ancient Civilizations.

Revisit fabled cultures: across Egypt: Voyage to the Land of the Pharaohs

The ultimate, all-encompassing Egyptian timeline from Tutankhamen to today! Egypt: Voyage to the Land of Pharaohs journeys through the Valley of the Kings, introducing you to key figures such as Ramses and Cleopatra. Continue your interactive chronology as you experience Egypt's colonization by the Greeks and Romans, and the emergence of Christianity, culminating in a detailed exploration of modern Egypt.

Features include:
Satellite photo along the Nile highlighting monuments & points-of-interest
  • 10 tourist itineraries & narrated historical soundtracks
  • 300+ file on gods, figures & sites
  • 200+ literary extracts & 200+ Internet sites

  • Exploring Ancient Cities
    Take a journey back in time, between the continents and the centuries, with Academy Award winners Rod Mckuen and John Lewis as you set about Exploring Ancient Cities. From the doomed ancient city of Pompeii to the Bronze Age palaces of Petra to the Mexican splendors of Teothuican, the stunning photography, renderings, and interactive maps contained herein will revive the history and culture of these fabled cities.

    Features include:
    100 minutes of full-screen slide imagery with narration
    A thrilling visual overview of 4 ancient cities, including writings, murals, frescoes & sculpture
    160+ text pages for in-depth study
    Discovering Ancient Egypt

    It was a culture that disappeared some 2,000 years ago, but not before bequeathing to the world a legacy of architecture, science, mathematics, and culture which survives to this day. Explore the amazing link between the ancestral and the up-to-date when you begin Discovering Ancient Egypt on CD-ROM.

    Features include:
  • 1,700+ images & computer-generated reconstruction
  • 16 video & interactive maps
  • 240+ text pages

  • Ancient Civilizations by Tom Till
    Peruse a stunning photographic album of wonders past and present with Ancient Civilizations by Tom Till, the evocative, full-color collection from the portfolio of award-winning, globetrotting photojournalist Tom Till. From the Temple of Poseidon to the Treasury at Jordan; Masada to Machu Picchu: these 22 breathtaking images will inspire and fascinate.

    Features include:
  • 22 full-color photos
  • Riveting images from sites on 5 continents< /li>
  • Temples, tombs, totems & more!