lightsource - a sacred geometry experience

LightSOURCE - A Sacred Geometry Experience

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Through Spiritual Geometry, we can find harmony and balance that exists in all forms of reality. The ancients believed that the experience of spiritual geometry is important for training the soul. They saw the charts and codes of the symbols of our inner life, as well as the fine structure of the information. lightSource with Hemi - Sync ® allows you to experience higher aspects of self-government in the construction of a clean energy source. As projects are literally come alive before our eyes, you move into ecstatic play with the magic of the universe to the heart.
LightSOURCE with Hemi - Sync ® Sacred Geometry Experience (experience of the spiritual (sacred) geometry) is the basis of Creation and the genesis of all forms. This - an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things. For the ancients, sacred (spiritual) "had particular significance involving consciousness and deep understanding of the mystery - the final of the sacred wonder. Sacred Geometry reaches another level of significance when it is based on the experience of consciousness itself.