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Be Happy Now Hypnosis CDs

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Live Peacefully in the Moment

Create a great sense of strength and ability to just be present and peaceful and happy in the moment.  Find a sense of calm and inner peace, just accepting the present moment and knowing that it's just fine right now. In this session, you'll continue to realize more and more all the time that everything is just fine and you will be able to let go of worry and accept happiness and peace in each moment.

Happiness Set Point Change

There is a higher level of happiness that you would like to experience more often. A higher and more abundant place of being that you desire like to become your natural state of being. And while we all have mood swings that can carry us in to higher and lower emotional states, there is a level of happiness that; a set point, if you will, that you experience regularly. Learn to turn up the level of happiness that you feel most often.

Be Genuine
The more you can be real and truthful with yourself and others, the more you will establish a level of happiness which comes from within. A happiness that flows from way deep inside. A genuine feeling of happiness that is completely within your control and cannot be created by anything external to you. A feeling of happiness that grows simply because you love yourself. A feeling of happiness because you feel worthy of happiness. And because you deserve to be happy. True and lasting happiness can only be generated when you are genuine. 

Attitude of Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the most important attitudes you can feel.  In this session you will be guided to think about different aspects of your life that you could you be so grateful for.   You can use gratefulness to grow and change the way you look at life and what you have.  Resolve now to be grateful and see the abundance instead of scarcity in your life, and instantly feel happy.

Love Yourself 
Create more love for yourself.  Live in the flow of giving and receiving love. Love is the MOST healing force you can reckon with.  As you allow love into your life, you become happier, peaceful, whole, and complete.  In this session, you will learn to recognize all the wonderful things about yourself, and feel true happiness developing from with. You will think of yourself as a special person, worthy of love, worthy of joy. Learn what to say to yourself and how to speak lovingly to yourself.