Math DVD Bundle #3 Basic Math thru Algebra 1 Bundle!

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By purchasing this bundle you will receive:
1) The 1st - 7th Grade Math Tutor (Basic Math) - 7 Hour Course
2) 1st - 7th Grade Math Tutor Companion Worksheet CD
3) The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor - 8 Hour Course
4) The Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 1
5) The Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 2
6) The Math Video Tutor - Fractions Thru Algebra 1 - 10 Hour Course
7) Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet CD - 600 Pages

Keep in mind that all of the above DVD titles actually contain 2 DVD you will be getting a total 11 DVD disks with this bundle!  In addition you also get the 1st - 7th Grade Math Tutor Worksheet CD and the Fractions thru Algebra Companion Worksheet CD which contains hundreds of problems and solutions to test your knowledge!

You will receive 37 Hours of quality math instruction and works out