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Differential Equations Tutor: Volume 1 - First Order Equations

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Get immediate help in Differential Equations!

Every topic is taught by fully worked example problems!

Disk 1
Section 1: What is a Differential Equation?
Section 2: Solving Elementary Differential Equations
Section 3: Separation of Variables Solution Method

Disk 2
Section 4: First Order Variation of Parameters, Part 1
Section 5: First Order Variation of Parameters, Part 2

Disk 3

Section 6: Exact Differential Equations
Section 7: Existence and Uniqueness Theorem
Section 8: Graphing Solutions to First Order Equations
Section 9: Applications - Mixing Problems

Disk 4
Section 10: Applications - Newton’s Law of Cooling
Section 11: Applications - Circuit Problems, Part 1
Section 12: Applications - Circuit Problems, Part 2


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Overview of the course
Differential equations is used in all branches of engineering and science.  In essence, once a student begins to study more complex problems, nature usually obeys a differential equation which means that the equation involves  one or more derivatives of the unknown variable.

In other words, a differential equation involves the rate of change of a variable rather than the variable itself.  The simplest example of this is F=ma.  The "a" is acceleration which is the second derivative of the position of the object.  Although differential equations may look simple to solve by just integration, they frequently require complex solution methods with many steps.

This 10 hour DVD course teaches how to solve first order differential equations using fully worked example problems.  All intermediate steps are shown along with graphing methods and applications of differential equations in science and engineering.