3 the advanced algebra tutor - 2 dvd set - 7 hour course

Matrix Algebra Help: The Matrix Algebra Tutor -- 2 DVD Set -- 7 Hour Course

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Total DVD Run Time: 7 Hours

Disk 1
Section 1: Introduction to Matrices
Section 2: Adding and Subtracting Matrices & 
               Multiplying Matrices by a Scalar
Section 3: Multiplying Matrices
Section 4: Row Equivalent Matrices
Section 5: Gaussian Elimination and Gauss-Jordan Elimination

Disk 2
Section 6: Inconsistent and Dependent Systems
Section 7: The Inverse Of A Matrix
Section 8: Solving Systems Using Matrix Inverses
Section 9: Matrix Determinants
Section 10: Cramer's Rule


Matrix Algebra usually gives students problems in the beginning because although it has applications in algebra, it looks completely different from any algebra the student has used up to this point.  The material on these DVDs is covered in most advanced high school algebra courses and is definitely covered in a university linear algebra course.  This DVD tutorial lends help in matrix algebra just as if you hired a personal tutor in your home.  Every matrix algebra video lesson is taught by fully worked example problems that help you not only do well in class - but truly understand the material.  If you need linear algebra help that will increase your understanding and improve your grades in linear algebra quickly the Matrix Algebra Tutor will provide the tools you need to succeed.

How are the MathTutorDVD.com line of DVDs different from others?
The answer is simple.  Most math instruction involves a lengthy discussion of the abstract theory behind the Math before instructing the student in how to solve problems.  While there are some merits to this style, in the vast majority of the cases the student quickly gets bored  and frustrated by the time he or she starts to solve the problems. This DVD, in contrast, teaches all of the concepts by working fully narrated problems step-by-step, which is a much more engaging way to learn.

Exceptional value and affordability.
MathTutorDVD.com believes in providing value for our customers.  This is a 7 Hour DVD course that effeiciently lends help with matrix algebra.  We could have easily split this content into many DVD courses costing the same price but instead chose to keep the cost down so that this content is affordable to all. 

What is our teaching style like?
All topics on this DVD are taught by working example problems.  There are no traditional lectures of background material that won't help you solve problems and improve your skills.  We believe in teaching-by-doing and that is what you will receive by watching this DVD.  The techniques of performing matrix row reduction, for example, is explained by working many problems in step-by-step detail.  We begin with the easier problems and work our way up to the harder problems.  The student immediately gains confidence, does not get bored, and quickly feels like he or she can conquer the material.  This method is extremely powerful and has proven itself time and again.  Perhaps most importantly, problem solving skills are honed early on that will help with homework and taking exams even after watching the very first lesson.  If you are seeking matrix algebra help or assistance with understanding linear algebra, this DVD will help you succeed.