attract a loving relationship through hypnosis

Attract a Loving Relationship Through Hypnosis

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Attract your Soulmate:  A beautiful journey along an enchanted beach, where you will connect with your soulmate.  You will ask questions and find answers about how you can become united in the physical world.  You will find out if there are any blocks that are keeping you from finding each other and create a new path to finding the true love of your life.

I am Magnetic:  Magnetism is a natural state of being open and willing to ?receive? the things that we want.  Raise your level of attractiveness by trusting the universe and drawing from it the attractive energy, illuminating your spiritual being and increasing your positive vibrations.

Confidence with the Opposite Sex:  Utilize the resources of other areas in your life where you have confidence and anchor it in as a resource to having confidence with others. Practice time given to experience yourself in a special visualization, where you have the confidence you need in social situations.

Create a Healthy Relationship: Creating a healthy relationship with another person begins with loving yourself.  Forgive yourself for your past relationship mistakes which may be the cause of continuing to create the same patterns. 
"Victoria: I just received two of your programs and wanted to say that, in my professional opinion as a psychotherapist in NYC, I think that you are very gifted."