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    anxiety relief hypnosis cds

    Anxiety Relief Hypnosis CDs

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    "Take the Edge Off" - Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief

    Do you suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Worry, or Post Traumatic Stress?

    Then this program was made just for you! Regular relaxation will help you to inhibit the production of the hormone that causes stress and anxiety.

    There are seven INCREDIBLE, life enhancing sessions:

    • Diaphragm Breathing
    • Getting Rid of Hyperventilation
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • Reframing
    • Anchoring
    • Anxiety as an Object
    • Positive Affirmations

    You will love the deep relaxation you will experience from each of these techniques and they will be useful in other situations in your life as well or just give you a nice feeling of peace within.

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