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Basic Math

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The Zany World of Basic Math
Recommended by teachers and professors across the country, the Standard Deviants approach to teaching is anything but standard. By simplifying complex subjects and presenting the material with humorous skits, computer graphics and a fun, approachable format, the Standard Deviants make even the most difficult subjects enjoyable!

The Standard Deviants DVDs are the perfect way to learn and review at your own pace with real-time, immediate feedback – all at the touch of a button! The Standard Deviants combine cutting-edge technology, interactive quizzes, award-winning educational material and a troupe of young actors and comedians. Everything you need to learn is at your fingertips. Recommended for junior high, high school, college and beyond!

Topics Include:
• Integers • Exponents • Fractions
• Decimals • The Order of Operations • Prime & Composite Numbers
• Addition & Subtraction • Rounding Integers & • Ratios
• Multiplication & Division Decimals • Percents