allergy control hypnosis cd

Allergy Control Hypnosis CD

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Allergy Control Hypnosis CD

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The Power to Eliminate those Allergies is Now at Your Command!

Four Sessions to Help You to Eliminate those allergies:

  • Immune System Journey
  • Allergy Visualization
  • Allergy NLP Process
  • Positive Thinking for Allergy Freedom

Immune System Journey: This session helps you to develop in your mind a vision of a life free of allergies. You will see yourself free of the hassles of allergies. Just imagine how wonderful it will be when you are completely allergy free!

Allergy Visualization: This session is meant to inspire. It provides you with the confidence you'll need in making the changes in your life you want to make. It will help you to commit to the hypnosis sessions and put in the time necessary to help in the re-tooling of your mind.

Allergy NLP Process: This session will help you to isolate the part of your mind that triggers your reaction to the allergy. Once you've isolated it, you can begin to work on it and eventually control it. And with control, you will find you can do anything.

Positive Thinking for Allergy Freedom: This session will help you to reinforce the goal achieved during the prior three sessions. This re-wiring of the mind will help you to realize that you are free of allergies for good. Your subconscious mind will allow you to feel good in all situations!

Hypnosis is a valuable tool for self-empowerment and continuous personal growth. Put the power of your mind to work in managing your health. This method of utilizing the untapped energy of your mind to support your overall health and well-being is natural, safe, and simple.

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Track One: Introduction to Hypnosis
Track Two: Allergy Program Instructions
Track Three: Immune System Journey
Track Four: Allergy Visualization


Track One: Allergy NLP Process
Track Two: Positive Thinking for Allergy Freedom