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    revision seris times multimedia a leavale chemistery


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    The Times Education Series GCSE Chemistry | ISO | 640MB

    The GCSE Chemistry CD is an invaluable resource for any student taking this subject. Superb animations are instrumental in explaining concepts, interactive exercises offer opportunity for practice, simulated lab experiments reinforce theoretical examples and mock exams help to prepare students for the final exam. The package is well presented, thoroughly comprehensive and is suitable for students studying GCSE Chemistry as a single subject and/or those doing a Science Double Award. The program is divided into three sections, covering Classifying Materials, Changing Materials and Patterns of Behaviour.


    GCSE Chemistry
    - Laboratory Techniques & Safety
    - States of Matter
    - Elements, Components and Mixtures
    - Atomic Structure
    - Ionic, Covalent and Metallic Bonding
    - Porperties & Structures of Solids
    - Alloys
    - Allotropes
    - Gas Laws

    - Quantitative Chemistry
    - The Mole, Molar Volume & Concentration
    - Changes to the atmosphere
    - Water, Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles
    - Geological Changes
    - Tectonics & Rock types
    - Organic Chemistry
    - Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols & Carboxylic Acids
    - Industrial Processes & Hardness of Water

    - Useful Products of Oil
    - Hydrocarbons, Combustion, Cracking & Polymerisation
    - Useful Products from the earths crust
    - Metal Ores, Limestone, Chalk & Marble
    - Useful Products from air
    - Ammonia & Fertilisers
    - Representing Recation & Types of Reaction

    - Periodic Table
    - Reactivity Series
    - Acids and Alkali
    - Rates of Reaction
    - Reactions with enzymes
    - Energy Transfers in Reactions
    - Reversible Reactions
    - Titrations
    - Electroysis

    Product Features
    * Contains a full course content index
    * Easy to install
    * Contains comprehensive teaching material to cover the National
    * Curriculum Syllabus
    * Retains student interest with high quality animation and graphics
    * Stimulates learning through interactive exercises
    * Supported by technical help phone lines

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