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BBC, Standard Grade Bitesize Revision: Chemistry

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The Science GCSE Revision CD from the BBC's Bitesize Revision series is an excellent resource for study and preparation for exams. Installable on a PC operating with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or 98, it presents you with a full regimen from which you can organise effective revision over any period of time. Multiple users are supported, each able to keep track of his or her own progress. There are plenty of practice questions and "revision bites", and you can highlight areas on which more study is necessary. Work from the CD can be printed in PDF format to take away from the computer, and you can pace your progress in several different ways, coming back to the desired place on subsequent sessions.

Science topics include all items dealt with in GCSE standard, with study divided by tier (Double or Single Award Science, Foundation or Higher) which is selectable at the start of revision. Topics cover extensively several subjects, including all the current themes taught in the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, all clearly illustrated with examples and plenty of factsheets and diagrams. Reference tables and summaries are available, and you can keep your own fully organised and personalised notebook alongside lessons. A full and realistic examination paper culminates the study process. --Wilf Hey

Manufacturer's Description

Written by experienced GCSE teachers, Bitesize Science is loaded with great revision tools and ideas. Whether you're entered for Double or Single Award Science, Foundation or Higher Tier, Bitesize will help you get the GCSE grade you want. All the information you need appears in bite size chunks making it easier for you to get stuck into your revision. Presenter Tim Vincent is on hand to offer help and advice.

Revision Bites cover key areas of the GCSE science syllabus and are broken down into over 100 interactive modules with animations, diagrams, tables and graphic explanations. You will also find Practice Bites with interactive exercises linked to each Revision Bite along with a Hot Tips section to help you understand exactly what the examiners expect. Visit the Fact Zones for concise summaries of the key facts in every topic to print out.

There is a Hit List section which lists areas needing revision along with 'Done That' which tracks progress and gives tips on what to do next. There is also a Search facility to help you find areas you want to revise quickly and a Session Timer to keep track of your revision time. You can print out your notes from Notebook or get a little extra help from the Bitesize website via the Web Link where you can put your questions to the BBC's team of on-line teachers.

There are four main sections here: 1) Spot Checks - test your knowledge of the science syllabus and identify problem areas for extra revision, 2) Topic Checks - test your understanding of a particular topic, 3) Exam Questions - real exam questions for each topic to show you what to expect in your exam. Model answers show you how to get top marks, 4) Exam Papers - three multi-board exam papers based on real past papers. Good Luck!