joel grimes take the mystery out of lighting

Joel Grimes: Take the mystery out of lighting

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Let’s face it, there are aspects of the photographic process that seem to be a mystery and lighting is one of them. The question is, how do we make sense of it all? Joel believes that if all we do is approach lighting from a technical process, the best you will end up with is a bunch of lighting ratios, schematics and the ability to hold a flash meter. What we all want is to create killer images that have impact. This is why we must approach the photographic process from a creative artistic perspective. Yes, there are technical aspects to the process, but the foundation is built on something much greater, the ability to think like an artist and use the greatest tool of all, the creative mind.

This is Joel’s passion. To pass on the creative process. There is no end to what can achieve if we build on this foundation. This video builds on that foundation as Joel look’s at the basic use of modifiers and knowing the difference between an umbrella and a soft box. He cover’s how to determine the value of your light output as it strikes your subject without using a flash meter. He also talk’s about what strobe lighting equipment is best for you. And of course, Joel covers his approach to the classic Rembrandt lighting, three light edgy sports/portrait look, and some beauty/fashion techniques.

This 45 minute video that reveals how Joel Grimes lights his subjects. Topics include the classic Rembrandt lighting, the three edge light gritty look used in his sports and portrait work, as well as his beauty/fashion lighting.

The key to Joel ‘s approach is he builds from the creative process and emphasizes that you are an artist not just a technician. This truly is a breath of fresh air when it comes to taking the mystery out of the whole process.