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Just the Facts: Inventions That Changed Our Lives: Electricity

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The modern world never sleeps, but it still dreams. It's these nighttime visions that electrify our lives when they become a reality. These everyday electrical products bring the world's best entertainers into the room and help lighten workloads, yet they're often overlooked unless they break. Then these workhorses – such as the radio, washing machine and refrigerator – get their due respect.

The Wonder of Electricity, as narrated by Tom Baker, chronicles a century of timesaving devices, from the functional to the fanciful. You will be amazed at the sheer volume of electric products impacting our daily lives.

As The Wonder of Electricity spotlights the developments in television and radio, watch these two inventions permeate every aspect of society, especially the news, sports and music industries. Then focus on how the camera redefined our image and how the computer age unleashed our imaginations and fantasies.

So plug in the VCR, one of the great electrical inventions of the past 100 years, and watch The Wonder of Electricity on one of the other greatest inventions – the television. After all, being able to watch a video is an electric dream come true.