little einsteins go to africa

Little Einsteins: Go To Africa

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Get ready to jump out of bed and pack your bags again; it's time to discover some of the world's most fun and natural wonders as the Little Einsteins Go to Africa on an amazing Safari adventure! Take a journey with the Little Einsteins and Rocket as they visit the Ivory Coast and help Baby Chimp, who only speaks through music, find his parents before you zoom off to Egypt and learn about exciting new cultures, fascinating landmarks and have plenty of musical fun along the way! Help the gang solve puzzles, play games and meet new friends but make sure you watch out for Big Jet! He's up to his cheeky tricks again and the Little Einsteins need your help to save the snacks and feed the baby animals before they get too hungry! You're in for the ultimate travel adventure in this three-episode DVD when the Little Einsteins Go to Africa!

Little Einsteins Go to Africa and help a baby Chimp find it's mother. Using music the four friends Little Einsteins is a treasure to watch for young and parents. Filled with wonderful messages, games and learning, Little Einsteins Go to Africa is a wonderful adventure to own this year.