muzzy in gondoland

Muzzy in Gondoland

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Muzzy in Gondoland - literate animated video course for children, which helps to make learning English fun and enjoyable. Big Muzzy - friendly monster from outer space - comes in Gondolandiyu, where he met with Bob, the royal gardener. Bob is in love with Princess Sylvia, but an advisor to King Korveks, who also loves the princess, puts Bob in jail. Muzzy decides to help Bob, and the story begins ...
Children with interest and enthusiasm will be watching the 6-serial cartoon, while studying English. They will learn to make simple sentences, questions and commands, call numbers, colors and days of week, will learn some basic nouns, verbs and adjectives in English, and learn to use some of the greetings and polite expressions. Since studying with Muzzy fun, kids will seek to see the video again and again, and this is the best way to consolidate understanding and remembering what they see and hear.