rock 'n learn reading comprehension test-taking strategies (2007)

Rock 'N Learn: Reading Comprehension Test-Taking Strategies (2007)

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Marko the Pencil's test-taking strategies help students stay calm and relaxed, knowing they have the tools to do their very best on a standardized reading test. Students learn the tricks to help them read a passage for meaning, underline key words, eliminate poor choices, and determine the best answers. This animated pencil may be a No. 2, but he will help make any student Number One!

This products had very good educational content. It accurately reflected the test-taking strategies my daughter learned in third grade last year. It even used the same terminology.--Review for iParenting Media Award
What a interesting concept. As a tragic test-taker myself, I know the anxiety it can bring. What a great way to get the point across to the kids at a young but vital age. Here in Texas they are taking some major tests at this age, and this would help calm their nerves and help them carry some strategies with them.--Carolina Pendleton --iParenting Media Award