lauren gabriel preggi bellies ball workout - exercise for pregnancy

Lauren Gabriel: Preggi Bellies Ball Workout - Exercise for Pregnancy

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Australia's most successful pregnancy exercise program now comes to you on DVD! Developed specifically for pregnant and post natal women, it is professionally designed for all fitness levels to keep you strong and fit during pregnancy and beyond.
A fun and innovative, total-body workout. The stability ball makes it both lively and effective. It minimizes impact while helping to target the muscles used during and after pregnancy. You’re never standing during the cardio. Instead you’ll raise your heart rate by bouncing on the ball as you wave your arms and “dance” with your feet (e.g. grapevines, heel digs, knee lifts). The toning includes both on and off-ball exercises — they use whichever technique is the most effective. Taught at three different levels, the moves are all designed to make it easier to give birth and care for your baby. Features a high-energy, all-pregnant class and excellent production quality.