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    Pregnancy and Baby care

     Pebbles presents "Pregnancy & Baby Care" the most important phase in a women"s life. Women getting conceived and delivering a child is not a new phenomenon but the changing times and the life style causes concern. Women during pregnancy undergo many stresses, strain and turbulence in their mind and life during this period. Mechanised city life, environment, food habits and life style etc., are the great contributing factors. Likewise child care for the would be mothers also as important as pregnancy.

         In this CD, all about pregnancy, the care to be taken from 1st month onwards, varying factors affecting pregnancy, tips on diet, dress, stress management, giving birth, bringing up the new one and the suitable names for the child etc., are given in detail.

    • Preconception
    • Pregnancy Tests
    • Early Challenges (Infections)
    • Nutrition & Fitness
    • Psychological Attitudes
    • Looking Good in Pregnancy
    • Doubts in Pregnancy and Child Care
    • Labour Problems & Doubts
    • Infant care
    • Baby Names

    This CD will be of immense use to all mothers-to-be for a happy motherhood.

    The CD is compatiable with PC CD ROM.
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