panchatantra stories (english)

Panchatantra Stories (English)

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  • Kidstoon proudly presents best-loved stories of all time. The stories have been beautifully rendered for the digital realm with exciting animations and narration; these stories carry forward the great tradition of story telling.
  • Panchtantra Stories
  • Four Friends
  • Union is Strength
  • Selfish Friend
  • The Blue Jackal
  • Stupid Donkey
  • The Talking Cave
  • The Sky is Falling
  • Jackal & Crocodile
  • Panchatantra is a collection of five stories written by the great hindu school Pandit Vishnu Sharma. The five volumes together serve as a manual for a prospective king to help him in deciding prospective king to help him in deciding how to rule, how to choose his fellow friends, fellow ministers, how to rule conduct himself in daily life etc. The collection of stories in panchatantra are a real treat for parents to help them in guiding their children towards values in human life. Every stories in Panchantantra is accompanied with a moral.
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