bal ganesh

Bal Ganesh

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Catalogue Number FMVCD 780
Language English
Genre Animation
Format VCD
M.R.P of Title 99
Other Details
Director Nitin Supekar
Music Director Siddharth
Producer/Banner Fountain Music Co
Content Ganpati's Birth As Bal Ganesha, Bal Ganesha Destroy's The Magic & Kills Demoness Veerja, Ganesha Fights the Disguised Parrots And Kill The Demons, Ganesha Blesses Chitrarath Gandharv From Recranation of Crocodile, The Projection of the Universe in Ganesha, Ganesha Destroys Narantak Demon, Ganesha Fights Devantak Demon in Space.
Print Type Colour