bear in the big blue house

Bear in the Big Blue House Contains 3 fun esisodes

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The acclaimed children�s series from Jim Henson Productions is back with this collection containing three episodes in which big, lovable, Bear attempts to teach children about the value of practice and of having patience.
Bear in the Big Blue House and his friends make for fun, education entertainment. Bear is a big friendly bear with a great singing voice. Great lessons are taught in this video and the songs are catchy. You and your kids will enjoy it together. List of contents on next page.

In Show Your Stuff, Bear�s whittlin� is interrupted when he finds out Tutter�s quittin� the soccer team because he just can�t kick as well as Rita, a particularly talented mouse on the squad. Treelo�s feeling left out because he doesn�t have any talents. Tutter finds, however, that talents come easy for some, require work for others, but can be fun nonetheless. And Treelo finds out that he�s the best vine swinger in all Woodland valley.

In The Great Bandini, the mysterious genius, the Great Bandini, is coming to Woodland Valley for a lecture about music. On the way to the event, the gang meets a mysterious stranger named Edwina Badger, voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, who helps the gang to realise how musical they really are.

In At the Old Bear Game, Pip and Pop are delighted to find out that Bear personally knows their hero, the great baseball player Ferret Jeeter. After a cool afternoon of hanging out with Ferret, Pip and Pop soon find their good friend Bear still has a few tricks up his sleeve as well, and good old Bear is a hero in his own right.

Sing-alongs songs :
Do Your Own Thing
Music All Around
Grandma Mambo
Otter Love