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brain trainer

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Your personal trainer for boosting brain power!

Ever heard the phrase USE IT OR LOSE IT? Our brain power naturally declines as we grow older, but regular mental exercise can help slow and even reverse this process.

Whatever your age, Brain Trainer is designed to help you improve your mental sharpness. Using proven techniques that really boost your brain’s performance, Brain Trainer will speed up your brain’s processing speed to help you make better and faster decisions.

Play a daily range of fun activities in the 10 minute "Daily Brain Test" and review your progress, or just play your choice of activities for the challenge. A selection of fifteen exercises are divided into five distinct areas; memory, logical, numerical, spatial and verbal; to provide a broad and thorough mental workout.

With unlimited questions and engaging exercises, Brain Trainer is the ideal way to return to mental fitness.

Experts agree that spending 10 to 15 minutes a day on a brain training workout using simple exercises and puzzles can improve the skills needed to achieve greater success academically and in everyday life.*

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  • Designed to improve your memory, increase concentration and enhance logic.
  • 15 ‘mind enhancing’ activities - Reading Test, Spelling Test, Word Search, Colour Tiles, Hexagon Spin, Sudoku, 4 Colour Problem, Colour Matching, Fold the Cube, Kakuro, Mental Arithmetic, Number Sequences, Follow the Leader, Matching Pairs and Memory Grid.
  • Infinite number of questions.
  • Track your development using the progress screen.
  • Reminder system – no more excuses for not doing your mental workout!

Disclaimer: *Focus Multimedia and Mindscape are not qualified to offer medical advice. These exercises have been designed for recreational purposes only. No medical claims are made for these exercises, express or implied.

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System Requirements

PC Operating System: Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III 1GHz or equivalent
Hard Drive Space (MB): 20MB
Memory: 128MB
Graphics: Any 32MB graphics card (1024x768 16 bit colour)
Audio: Any 100% DirectX compatible soundcard
Printer: Not required