CBSE Class 3 Environmental Science (1 CD Pack)

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Class 3rd Environmental Science is crucial to understanding the subject in later years. To make middle school Science interesting it is important to employ interactive tools like animations, voice overs and diagrams.
Edurite’s CD’s have been developed keeping the requirements of the curriculum as well as the interest level of students in mind. These CD’s include:

  1. Detailed chapter wise coverage similar to what is offered in the text book
  2. Interactive animations and diagrams to make chapters more interesting.
  3. Extensive Glossary of terms used.

List of chapters covered in our Science CD:

  1. Poonam’s Day Out
  2. The Plant Fairy
  3. Water O’ Water!
  4. Our First School
  5. Chhotu’s House
  6. Foods we Eat
  7. Saying Without Speaking
  8. Flying High
  9. It’s Raining
  10. From Here to There
  11. Sharing Our Feelings
  12. What is Cooking
  13. Work We Do
  14. The Story of Food
  15. Making Pots
  16. Games We Play
  17. Here Comes a Letter
  18. A House Like This
  19. Our Friends - Animals
  20. Drop by Drop
  21. Families Can be Different
  22. Left - Right
  23. A Beautiful Cloth

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