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    CBSE Class 3 Mathematics (1 CD Pack)

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    • Description

    Mathematics requires a thorough understanding of concepts. It is important to understand the subject right from middle school to develop an interest and score well in later years. Edurite’s CD’s have been developed by teachers who are experts in the subject and have several years of experience teaching students.

    1. Our CD’s are completely mapped to the class 3rd Mathematics curriculum and offer detailed topic wise coverage for each chapter with both a voice over as well as textual explanations.
    2. Your child learns Mathematics in an interesting and interactive manner with an extensive section on practice questions organized chapter wise along with the answer key

    Here is a list of chapters covered in our Mathematics CD:

    1. Where to Look From
    2. Fun with Numbers
    3. Give and Take
    4. Long and Short
    5. Shapes and Designs
    6. Fun with Give and Take
    7. Time Goes On.
    8. Which is Heavier?
    9. How Many Times?
    10. Play with Patterns
    11. Jugs and Mugs
    12. Can we Share?
    13. Smart Charts!
    14. Rupees and Paise

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