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    Fun with English

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     Fun with English

    Fun with English is an interactive multimedia software for your child to learn the first lessons of English from Alphabets and Phonetics to words. It gives an enjoyable experience for kids through music, animated lessons, Skill-building exercises, Picture shows , songs ,Voice Over, lesson rhymes and interesting edu-games.It helps children to read, write and speak English fluently with good accent and pronunciation.

    • There are 10 fun filled topics namely Easy Peasy Alphabets, Curvy turvy writings, Easy Teasy Phonetics, My Word Builder, My Wordy word book, My World and my words, Simply Simple sentences, Opposing opposites, My Rhyming lessons, My Gameland
    • This is an interactive  PC CD ROM for Ages 2 and above and  costs Rs 149 only. You can place mouse over the image to zoom details.
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