teaching-you successful attitude skills

Teaching-you Successful Attitude Skills

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Success is only an ‘attitude’ away with this interactive guide.

What is an attitude? How do you control it? How can your attitude influence your success at work? Teaching-you Successful Attitude Skills can help resolve these taxing questions and guide you towards a more positive and successful attitude.

Your attitude is a settled way of thinking that affects almost everything you do, including your work, productivity, relationships and your success. While you may think your attitude is an emotion felt only by you, it is in fact visible to other people through your behaviour.

How do colleagues perceive you based on your attitude? Take a look at your disposition and consider how you would perceive yourself.

While you may be unsure of the trigger that caused your attitude, Teaching-you Successful Attitude Skills can help you create a more positive attitude that will alter your existing frame of mind. A positive attitude will create a domino effect into all areas of your life and ultimately lead to positive relationships and results.

Teaching-you Successful Attitude Skills is the indispensable aid to help you gain control of your attitude through a selection of 8 attitude adjustment techniques and advice from executive recruiter, manager and team leader, Joe Estey.

Your attitude is your own, so start taking control of it and lead a more positive and successful lifestyle. 

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  • Readiness assessment – rate your own attitude skills and readiness.
  • Mini-progress tests – check your understanding as you progress through the topics.
  • Audio video clips with key supporting points – listen to the video and then remind yourself of the key points.
  • Video examples – watch as you’re shown how to improve your attitude.
  • Mini-video assessments – evaluate the best course of action.
  • Quick start – start the course where you finished last time.
  • Clearly categorised sections – take a section at a time.
  • Follow your progress on the main menu - know what sections you have covered.
  • Post assessment – see whether you have mastered the content in this program.
  • Personal evaluation and tips for further study – see if and where you need to improve your knowledge.
  • Advice from executive recruiter Joe Estey.

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