teaching-you time management skills

Teaching-you Time Management Skills

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Your indispensable, interactive guide to successfully managing your time.  

Do you manage your time or does it manage you? While you can’t stop the clock or turn back time, you can make choices about how to use your time more effectively.

Teaching-you Time Management Skills will help you manage your daily activities, priorities and schedules so that you can make wise and more informed choices about how to divide your time.

Teaching-you Time Management Skills will assess how you currently use your time, before guiding you through new techniques that will ensure you get your workload into order and allocate the necessary time to each task dependent upon its importance.

Becoming your own time manager couldn’t be easier. The last minute dashes to get everything ready for a deadline can be brushed aside, as you calmly finish your project with five minutes to spare.

No longer can you claim that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Teaching-you Time Management Skills will show you the best methods to prioritise your workload, avoid time wasting, employ focus and ultimately control your schedule, as well as leaving quality time for your family and friends.

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  • Readiness assessment – rate your own time management skills and readiness
  • Mini-progress tests – check your understanding as you progress through the topics
  • Audio video clips with key supporting points – listen to the video and then remind yourself of the key points
  • Video examples – watch as you’re shown how to improve your time management
  • Mini-video assessments – evaluate the best course of action
  • Quick start – start the course where you finished last time
  • Clearly categorised sections – take a section at a time
  • Follow your progress on the main menu - know what sections you have covered
  • Post assessment – see whether you have mastered the content in this program
  • Personal evaluation and tips for further study – see if and where you need to improve your knowledge
  • Advice from Time Management Consultant Roz Turner