4th science-cbse

4th Science-CBSE

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 4th std Science”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to 
understand the complex subject matter easily. The DVD takes one on a virtual journey into the
world of Science and helps in better understanding of the subject. An exposure to this, makes one  step 
ahead of others because of the lucid expressions, clear explanations of the concepts through 3D diagrams. 
A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the DVD covers the following: 

Topics Covered :

Our Environment, Our Basic Need, Our Food, Teeth and Digestion, Safety and First Aid, Clothes-Our Protectors,Solid, Liquid and Gas, Soil, The Green Plants, Adaptations-How plants Survive?, Animals and their young ones,Adaptations-How animals Survive?, Force, Work and Energy, Air, Water and Weather, 
The Solar System, Keeping our Earth green.