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Bolster your communication skills and confidence with this invaluable guide.

Can you remember the last time that you completed a working day without communicating with anyone? Whether it be via email, letter, an informal meeting or a formal presentation, you’re sure to have made contact with at least one person, if not several more.

The way you communicate with others not only reflects on you but ultimately affects the outcome of the situation you’re in. Teaching-you Communication Skills is the handy reference guide to help improve both your written and spoken interpersonal skills.

Beginning with the four basics of communication, Teaching-you Communication Skills will take you through the rudiments of interaction that should be considered every time to make contact with someone. These skills can then be transferred to specific forms of contact, including writing, presenting and meetings.

Making a presentation can be one of the most daunting experiences you’ll face during your career. As you try to hide your nerves and stop your voice from quavering, you are frantically looking around trying to find something or someone to make eye contact with. Sound familiar? And when you breathe a sigh of relief that the ordeal is finally over, people start firing questions at you.

Well, fret no more because Teaching-you Communication Skills reveals the B.E.S.T Recipe for Success and can help cure your fear and self-consciousness, as well as improve your written skills and your performance in those all important meetings.

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  • Readiness assessment – rate your own communication skills and readiness
  • Mini-progress tests – check your understanding as you progress through the topics
  • Audio video clips with key supporting points – listen to the video and then remind yourself of the key points
  • Video examples – watch as you’re shown the best way to communicate
  • Mini-video assessments – evaluate the best course of action
  • Quick start – start the course where you finished last time
  • Clearly categorised sections – take a section at a time
  • Follow your progress on the main menu - know what sections you have covered
  • Post assessment – see whether you have mastered the content in this program
  • Personal evaluation and tips for further study – see if and where you need to improve your knowledge
  • Get advice from author Dr. Phil Bozek